Lose Weight Shakes – Healthy Homemade Shakes

To lose weight shakes which are healthy can make your meal or snack for the day and night. The best part of shakes is that it is easily made by almost any component. Major components that you have to look under consideration are the nutritional value, a base which is liquid, lean protein and a healthy base. Shakes which are available commercially have preservatives and added sugar hence is not considered to reduce weight. To keep a check on the calorie count you need to make shakes at home which will give you the desired result. Here are top 4 healthy homemade weight loss shakes:

  • Toss up the berries

Lose Weight Shakes

You can blend frozen blueberries with low-fat yogurt of vanilla flavor and soy milk which is low-fat to give you a smooth consistency. Pomegranate juice blended with blueberries along with cottage cheese which is of low-fat makes it a delicious drink. Blueberries have less sugar but high content of fiber and have anti-inflammatory properties which are rich in calcium. You will get all the required components in the shake to help you reduce weight.

  • Tropical magic

Avocado Mango Lose weight shake

Mango combined with avocado, squeeze of lime juice, mango juice two parts which are fresh, vanilla yogurt fat-free and ice. You have to blend in all the mixtures until smooth. It makes a hydrating drink in the morning for your breakfast. The shake is rich in calories but helps in the reduction of weight and keeps you energized as well. You can also blend in coconut water, orange juice, low-fat yogurt and mango together to keep calories under 200.

  • Fresh green shake

Spinach apple grapes lose weight

Fresh spinach combined with an apple, grapes, non-fat Greek yogurt and avocado combined with lime juice when blended together gives you the right amount of potassium in the body. A much-needed fiber, as well as potassium, is embedded in the shake that will boost your energy. The shake makes it a healthy drink which can be drunk at any time be it in the morning or at noon. It does the work of a full meal.

  • Protein-based shake

Non-fat milk is to be blended with a scoop of protein powder. The powder can be flavored with your choice. Banana combined with strawberries also needs to go into the blender with nut butter. It has to be blended smoothly until you get a creamy flavor. The shake makes your stomach full and for the entire day, you do not need to have a meal. The shakes have multidimensional properties.

Homemade shakes are great to start off your day with. They deliver low calorie but balances the level of sugar and fat. You need to remember that if you want to reduce weight then minimize the ingredients which are fat or combine it with low-fat food. These Lose Weight Shakes help you in overeating therefore, it is always advisable to make the shakes at home since shakes which are available in the market have a high calorific value which is not desired.

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